2008 Index of Bills from On The Capitol Doorstep

AB 50SotoNell Soto Parent/Teacher Involvement ProgramDead
AB 86LieuElectronic BullyingChapter 646
AB 88LieuInternet Safety CurriculumProvisions deleted
AB 90LieuSchool Food: Trans FatDead
AB 92GarciaPupil Nutrition: School MealsDead
AB 143CotoCharter Schools: Community Day PupilsDead
AB 168BergSchool Facilities Funding: Minimum Essential FacilitiesDead
AB 229StricklandSchools: Prohibited WeaponsProvisions deleted
AB 352SolorioImitation FirearmsChapter 422
AB 366WolkSchool Funding: Declining EnrollmentDead
AB 486De La TorreMultitrack Year-round Schools SchedulingDead
AB 590SolorioLimited-English-Proficient Parent InvolvementDead
AB 599MullinEducation Funding ConsolidationVetoed
AB 760CotoSchool NursesDead
AB 787SotoProhibited Weapons on School GroundsDead
AB 795KeeneSpecial Education Funding: Children's InstitutionsDead
AB 925HancockAdequate Yearly Progress: ProficiencyDead
AB 967NavaFarm Fresh Schools ProgramDead
AB 1177SolorioAccelerated English Acquisition and Literacy PilotDead
AB 1772GarciaCharter Schools: Conflict of InterestDead
AB 1871CotoTeachers: Bilingual-Crosscultural CompetenceChapter 660
AB 1872CotoSpecial Education: Autism Spectrum Disorder ClearinghouseVetoed
AB 1966GarciaSchool Breakfast: Severe Need SchoolsDead
AB 2034NúñezInstructional Materials: Native AmericansVetoed
AB 2049SaldañaEducation Opportunity for Military Children CompactChapter 589
AB 2064ArambulaInstructional Materials: Vietnam WarVetoed
AB 2087De La TorreMultitrack Year-Round SchoolsDead
AB 2115MullinCharter Schools: Conflict of InterestVetoed
AB 2135MendozaEnglish Language Instructional MaterialsVetoed
AB 2300LairdSchool Lunch: Medi-Cal CertificationChapter 673
AB 2302BassEducation Specialist Credential: Pupils with AutismChapter 41
AB 2315MullinInstructional Materials: AdoptionVetoed
AB 2438PriceSchool InterventionVetoed
AB 2468BrownleyInstructional Materials: CostVetoed
AB 2605NakanishiNonpublic School Tax CreditDead
AB 2704LenoPupils: Availability of Tap WaterVetoed
AB 2708SolorioFood Logos at SchoolDead
AB 2783PlesciaFoster Children: Special Education AssessmentDead
AB 2808GarciaNontoxic Cleaning MaterialsDead
AJR64MullinElementary and Secondary Education ActChapter R-147
SB 29SimitianElectronic Monitoring of PupilsVetoed
SB 146ScottAverage Monthly AttendanceVetoed
SB 292WigginsFor-Profit Group Homes: Special Education ChildrenDead
SB 305DuchenyEnglish Learners: Primary Language AssessmentDead
SB 564Ridley-ThomasPublic School Health Center Support ProgramChapter381
SB 606PerataInstructional Support & Assistance TeamDead
SB 658RomeroYear Round SchoolsChapter 271
SB 676Ridley-ThomasRequired ImmunizationsDead
SB 736CorreaIdentification of Gifted and Talented StudentsDead
SB 908SimitianEnvironmental Education: Climate ChangeVetoed
SB 1097TorlaksonAcademic Content StandardsVetoed
SB 1105MargettTeaching Credentials: ConvictionsChapter 577
SB 1110ScottTeacher Credential: Revocation by Other StateChapter 578
SB 1112ScottClass Size Reduction PenaltiesChapter 515
SB 1158ScottEducation Loan Assumptions: Decile 1 or 2 SchoolsChapter 516
SB 1179AanestadImmunizationsDead
SB 1186ScottTeachers: Not Fully QualifiedChapter 518
SB 1214CedilloCurriculum: Unconstitutional DeportationVetoed
SB 1254WylandAmerican History CurriculumProvisions deleted
SB 1274WylandPledge of AllegianceChapter 523
SB 1298SimitianCalifornia Education InformationChapter 561
SB 1354TorlaksonSchool Facilities: Educational AdequacyVetoed
SB 1468OropezaSchool Site Location: FreewaysDead
SB 1507OropezaHighway Construction Near SchoolsDead
SB 1515KuehlPupil Restraint and SeclusionVetoed
SB 1607RomeroEnglish Language Arts: English LearnersVetoed
SB 1660RomeroTeacher CompensationChapter 276
SB 1666CalderonSafe School ZonesChapter 726
SB 1735RomeroSchool District ResidencyVetoed

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