2008 Index of Bills from On The Capitol Doorstep

Public Assistance & Foster Care
AB 22LieberCalWORKs Aid Payment: Child Born While on AidDead
AB 167BassCalWORKs: Removal of Asset LimitsDead
AB 190BassChild Welfare Caseload StandardsProvisions deleted
AB 273JonesFoster Children: Health and Dental AssessmentsDead
AB 324BeallFoster Care Rate IncreasesDead
AB 672BeallFoster Care: Children of ColorDead
AB 1062MaCalWORKs Housing SupportProvisions deleted
AB 1330EvansFoster Children: Psychotropic MedicationDead
AB 1405MazeSharing Confidential Information: Joint AssessmentVetoed
AB 1825BeallRegional Center Dispute Resolution: Children Under 6Vetoed
AB 2029TranFoster Children: VisitationDead
AB 2070BassReunification: Incarcerated ParentsChapter 482
AB 2096BassGroup Homes: Extracurricular ActivitiesChapter 483
AB 2117EvansFoster Children: Psychotropic MedicationDead
AB 2341MazeReunification ServicesChapter 457
AB 2368FuentesCalWORKs: Motor Vehicle AssetDead
AB 2483BassChildren of Foster Children: Program of SupervisionChapter 132
AB 2651AghazarianCriminal Background: Foster Care and AdoptionChapter 701
AB 2736CookNative Americans: Parental RightsDead
AB 2844LairdSemi-Annual Reporting: CalWORKs and Food StampsVetoed
AB 3015BrownleyFoster Children: School SafetyChapter 557
SB 42TorlaksonCalWORKs: Enrollment in Higher EducationDead
SB 58HollingsworthCalWORKs: Child Only Case Time LimitDropped
SB 269McClintockInvestigation of CalWORKs RecipientsDead
SB 1136AlquistPublic Social Services: Unreasonable FeeChapter 479
SB 1160AlquistCalWORKs Eligibility: FingerprintingChapter 484
SB 1341PadillaCalWORKs Assets: Rental PaymentsChapter 485
SB 1380SteinbergIntensive Treatment Foster CareChapter 486
SB 1726ScottAdoptionChapter 534

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