2010 Index of Bills from On The Capitol Doorstep

Child Protection & Child Abuse Prevention
AB 33NavaSex Offenders: ParoleCh. 224
AB 375NielsenChild Custody: Sexual AbuseDead
AB 575TorresSex Offenders: Presence Near ChildrenDead
AB 997KrekorianSex Offenders: Licensed FacilitiesDead
AB 1022NavaMissing ChildrenCh. 232
AB 1280VillinesChild Abuse: Comatose or ParalyzedCh. 300
AB 1844FletcherSex Crimes Against Children: PunishmentCh. 219
AB 2015ArambulaChild Abuse: Multi-Disciplinary TeamsDropped
AB 2028HernandezMedical Information: Child AbuseCh. 540
AB 2034KnightPublic School Volunteers: ConvictionsDead
AB 2208TorresSex Offenders: Social NetworkingDead
AB 2229BrownleyChild Abuse: Health NeedsCh. 464
AB 2319SwansonHuman Trafficking: MinorsDead
AB 2322FeuerAbuse: ConfidentialityCh. 551
AB 2339SmythChild Abuse: Emotional DamageCh. 95
AB 2380LowenthalChild Abuse: Reasonable SuspicionCh. 123
AB 2410FullerChild Abuse: DrugsVetoed
AB 2480BassCommercial Use: Minor's PhotographDead
AB 2627NielsenBusinesses Working with Minors: Background CheckProvisions deleted
ACR 134AdamsChild Abuse Prevention MonthCh. R-12
SB 203HarmanChild Pornography: Separate OffensesDead
SB 774AshburnSocial Workers: Criminal HistoryDead
SB 834FlorezSex Offexses Against Minors: HarrassmentCh. 627
SB 840YeeSexual Crimes Against ChildrenDead
SB 1026WylandSex Offenses: Conditional ExaminationDead
SB 1195WylandLewd and Lascivious ActsDead
SB 1204RunnerSex Offenders: Social NetworkingDead
SB 1253StricklandSex Offenders: ResidenceCh. 49
SB 1361CorbettSocial Networking: MinorsDead

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