2010 Index of Bills from On The Capitol Doorstep

AB 97TorlaksonAcademic Content StandardsVetoed
AB 185BuchananFederal Education FundingCh. 221
AB 211MendozaSchool FacilitiesEnrolled
AB 220BrownleyEducation Bond Act of 2009Dead
AB 391TorlaksonState Testing and Reporting SystemVetoed
AB 572BrownleyCharter Schools: Conflict-of-InterestVetoed
AB 868M. PérezPalo Verde USD: Four-Day WeekDropped
AB 1610BudgetEducation Budget Trailer BillCh 724
AB 1721SwansonSchools: Pesticide UseDead
AB 1775FurutaniCivil Liberties and Constitution DayCh. 241
AB 1841BuchananSpecial Education: ConsentCh. 243
AB 1854AmmianoSchool ResidencyVetoed
AB 1933BrownleyFoster Children: EducationCh. 563
AB 1967MendozaKindergarten Entrance AgeDead
AB 2034KnightPublic School Volunteers: ConvictionsDead
AB 2178TorlaksonAfter School Education and Safety: Information SharingCh. 462
AB 2444FurutaniInterdistrict AttemdanceCh. 263
AB 2478MendozaDisruptive MessagesVetoed
AB 2553BrownleySchool Readiness AssessmentDead
AB 2650BuchananMedical Marijuana: LocationCh. 603
AB 2705HallPhysical Fitness and ExerciseDead
ACR 82HallEducation: DiscriminationCh. R-6
ACR 128EmmersonSchools: RecyclingCh. R-48
AJR 31BuchananSpecial Education FundingCh. R-41
AJR 39TorlaksonCore Education standardsCh. R-63
SB 108WaltersCharter Schools: Risk PoolingDead
SB 293RunnerKindergarten Entrance AgeDead
SB 416FlorezSchool Meals: AntibioticDead
SB 438YeeCharter Schools: Press FreedomCh. 142
SB 742RomeroLowest Performing SchoolsDead
SB 847SteinbergFederal Education FundingCh. 220
SB 851Budget & Fiscal ReviewProposition 98 SuspensionCh. 715
SB 930DuchenySTAR Test: English LearnersVetoed
SB 1059LiuSpecial Education: Foster ChildrenVetoed
SB 1116HuffHeritage SchoolsCh. 286
SB 1157DeSaulnierHealthy Schools ActVetoed
SB 1200LenoSchool-Based Health CareDead
SB 1255PadillaSchools: BeveragesDead
SB 1317LenoChronic TruancyCh. 647
SB 1353WrightFoster Children: Educational StabilityCh. 557
SB 1357SteinbergEducational Failure: Early WarningCh. 704
SB 1381SimitianKindergarten Readiness PilotCh. 705
SB 1413LenoSchools: WaterCh. 558
SB 1432HancockSchool Facilities: Pupils with Exceptional NeedsVetoed
SBX5 1SteinbergRace to the TopCh. XXXXX2
SBX5 2SimitianRace to the Top: Pupil DataCh. XXXXX1
SBX5 4RomeroRace to the TopCh. XXXXX3

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