California Early Care and Education Programs
Describes state-subsidized child care and development programs provided through the Department of Education and under the CalWORKs program. Lists programs funded directly by the federal government. Identifies federal and state resources for child care and development, after school programs and related activities. Describes types of licensed and licensure-exempt child care and preschool programs in California. Updated annually to reflect current funding levels and numbers served. 6 pages. Last updated March 2015.

Child Care Staffing Ratios and Qualifications: Current Requirements and History
Compares staffing requirements for state-contracted child development programs (Title 5 regulations) and private child care centers (Title 22 regulations). Includes the historical development of current requirements. 6 pages. Last updated January 2009.

A History of Major Legislation Affecting Child Care and Preschool Funding
Describes major state and federal legislation affecting child care and preschool programs from the turn-of-the-century to present. Includes bill and chapter numbers. 8 pages. Last updated February 2006.

Advocacy... Why Bother?
Explains how an idea becomes law and how anyone can act as a child advocate. Includes an in-depth description of the California legislative process, action steps for citizen participation, guidelines for communicating with legislators, and a list of legislative advocacy resources. (Includes Legislative Calenday/Anatomy of a Bill.) 8 pages. Last updated November 2014.

California State Budget Process
Describes how the annual state budget is determined and how it impacts funding for children's programs. 2 pages. Last updated November 2011

A Guide to State Agencies Serving Children
Provides a directory to state agencies serving children. Includes agency head, address, and phone number. 2 pages. Last updated April 2014.

Legislative Calendar/Anatomy of a Bill
Lists the current-year deadlines for moving bills through the legislative process. The back side describes how to read and interpret a legislative bill. (Included in Advocacy...Why Bother?. 2 pages. Last updated January 2015.

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