The Legislative Update on Child Development is a weekly bill monitoring service on child care legislation, published from April to October while the Legislature is in session.

Bill Monitoring Service
Every bill pertaining to child care and development is listed in the Update. Each bill includes a description of its major provisions, any new amendments, the date it was last amended, its current status (including any hearing dates), the name and phone number of the sponsoring organization (if any), and the name and phone number of the consultant. Bill information is updated at the close of each week and mailed first class to subscribers. The final issue provides a complete report on all child care bills, including the chapter numbers of new laws and the governor's veto messages.

News Briefs
Announcements of legislative deadlines, special hearings, budget proceedings, and other child care-related actions and events appear at the beginning of each Update.

Sample Update (PDF)
Sample Bill Descriptions

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