Current Bill Description and Status of AB 419 from the March 11, 2011 OTCD Legislative Update

AB 419 * Mitchell
Licensing Inspections
This bill would require community care facilities (including child care ceters) to be inspected annually and family child care homes to be inspected once every two years. It would increase licensing fees by 10%. The bill would eliminate the $200 fee for not completing a plan of correction and instead establish a $100 fee for reinspection to ensure that a correction has been implemented. It would no longer require an initial inspection for applicants of a currently or previously licensed facility.
Sponsors: California Child Care Resource and Referral Network (530) 750-1127, Preschool California (510) 271-0075
Introduced: 2/14/11
Consultant: Tiffani Alvidrez (916) 319-2047
Status: Assembly Human Services

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